Custom Wedding/Elopement cake

Product Description

At Sucre&Sugar Patisserie, we consider the opportunity to design or duplicate your dream wedding/elopement cake. With great respect for this tradition, we take extreme care to deliver a flawless wedding cake experience, managing every bit with great esteem and attention.
Drawing upon classic French technique and traditions combine with modern inspiration, each cake includes sophisticated artistry and is designed to stay close to your wedding vision. Whether the intention for your wedding cake design is timeless elegance, vintage charm, dramatic glitter or minimalist simplicity, Chef Arnaud will build your dream cake for your very special day.

Here our client’s favorites

Vanilla sponge Vanilla Mousseline Plain butter cream
Chocolate sponge Cream cheese Tahitian Vanilla butter cream
Flourless /Nut free Chocolate  White/ Milk/ Dark Chocolate mousse Chocolate/Coffee butter cream
Lemon Sponge      Lemon /Lime /Key Lime cream Cordial butter cream
Almond  Sponge Seasonal Fruit mousse Vanilla/ Lemon Cream cheese
Red velvet Sponge Chocolate Ganache Chocolate ganache
Or your Choice Or your Choice Or your Choice

Enjoy !


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